Sober Yoga Girl

Big Talk: Life Purpose and Intuition with Dan Kumar

October 05, 2023 Alex McRobert Season 3 Episode 23
Sober Yoga Girl
Big Talk: Life Purpose and Intuition with Dan Kumar
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In this episode Alex has as psychic, Dan, back on the podcast. This episode was recorded live as part of the "Big Talks" series for Mindful Life Practice members! In this episode Dan shares about how to follow your intuition to find your life purpose. You can book live calls with Dan at this link: . Return clients via The Mindful Life Practice can recieve a 10% discount by inputting the code DANMINDFUL .

Hi, friend. This is Alex McRobs, founder of the Mindful Life Practice, and you're listening to the Sober Yoga Girl podcast. I'm a Canadian who moved across the world to the Middle East at age 23, and I never went back. I got sober in 2019, and I now live fulltime in Bali, Indonesia. I've made it my mission to help other women around the world stop drinking, start yoga, and change their lives through my online Sober Girls yoga community. You're not alone, and a sober life can be fun and fulfilling. Let me show you how.


All right. Fabulous. Welcome back, everyone. This is another episode of Sober Yoga Girl podcast. It's filmed live for our Mindful Life Practice members as part of our big talks on Friday night. And, well, Friday mornings for some people, friday nights for people in my part of the world, which is Asia. So we're going to start with a little grounding technique first. So if you are listening to this podcast, while you're driving the car, you probably shouldn't close your eyes. But if you're listening to it in the safe place where you can close your eyes, let's just start. First, keep your eyes open. And I just want to invite you to look around your space and see if you can come up with five things that you can see, and just label them. When you've found those five things you can see, close the eyes. And now come up with four things you can hear. See if you can find three things you can feel or touch, notice two things you can smell, and then come up with one thing that you can taste. And then just allow the eyes to gently open. Fabulous. So we have Dan Kumar with us here today.


And Dan is my psychic intuitive healer, and he and I go live on Instagram every single week. And we answer questions, we do Q A about anything related to spirituality or purpose or yoga or sobriety or anything that comes up during that time. And today we're going to have a bit of a more focused talk with Dan conversation around life purpose and intuition. And the reason why I thought this would be a really relevant topic for him is because Dan actually helped me find my life purpose. And I think I intuitively knew what my life purpose was. But having Dan help me arrive at that intuition helped me move forward in my journey with it. So. Hi, Dan. How are you doing today?


I'm doing great. It's a beautiful day. Things feel great. I've had a very full day, actually. I started my day at around five in the morning today, but I've gotten a lot done. And I was looking forward to this because I actually did not know what we were going to speak about. And as Alex will tell most of you, she never gives me the questions. She never tells me anything because I like speaking from my heart and for my soul. And that whatever comes up in that conversation at that moment is what is supposed to be heard. So I love this conversation that Alex has or the topics Alex has come up with. And I think Alex's journey for her life purpose, I think I was just there to vocalize it and articulate it for Alex. And when she heard somebody else speak about it, that's what made her awaken and made her follow her path. Her path was already a little ignited by herself, by doing certain things like yoga, and also by seeking almost like an intervention or somebody to come in. Though Alex didn't know about me, I guess, for six months or for a year before that, before she actually met.


And when I did meet her, and I did speak to Alex, and I spoke to Alex, and if you do a session with me, it's basically I have a conversation with your soul. And I tell you what your soul's trying to tell you in words. And I spoke to Alex, and Alex didn't open up her mouth at all through the session. All she did was had streams of tears coming down her eyes, coming down her face, and that was it until I was done speaking for about 40 minutes, I think. And then Alex was like, oh, my God. And I actually thought that whatever I was saying to her had no relevance. And then she said to me, by the way, this is exactly what I want, but nobody knows this and you can't find this anywhere. I haven't spoken about it, I haven't written about it, I haven't told anybody this. And so interesting that you've come up with this to the extent of in that first session, we also spoke about Bali, and it was just amazing for Alex to build this community and Alex to build this tribe, which mean part of her life journey.


Her life's journey, her life's purpose is still a lot more. It's not that this is her only life purpose. And so coming to the topic which Alex has picked for us today, life journey, our life purpose. So the thing is, with the life purpose, we keep on getting seeds of our life purpose throughout our life. It's more about us saying, hey, that this is the one that I want to water. This is what the purpose is for me. It could be an emotional purpose. It could be a mental purpose. It could also be spiritual purpose. It doesn't necessarily always have to have something that's going to be within the social causes or within helping people. It could be something quite simple. I know that for me, my life purpose showed itself to me many times throughout my life, but I didn't realize it. And it showed up in different ways. It showed up by strangers saying, hey, how come you're so good? It's so easy to speak to you and that was it. That was one way of people showing me that that could be my life purpose. But the other thing was, while I was growing up, I always had this thought of changing the way people were thinking.


Because I was going through my own trauma and bullying when I was a child. And I was like, I wish I could change the way people think. I wish I could change the way people thought about me. I wish I could change the way people think about everything. And I kept on thinking about that. And I decided that I was going to make movies with fundamental message to them. And I went to film school. I moved to India to pursue a career in Bollywood. I was already in the film industry because my father was a film distributor. But through that journey, my spiritual side woke up. My trip to India wasn't about me making a movie. My trip to India was about awakening the spiritual side. And that spiritual side opened up because that spiritual side was part of the life journey, was part of my life purpose also was to become spiritual. And because I became spiritual, I also started to see things from a different perspective. And then the next big event that happened. So before I was just giving readings and telling people about the future and that was it. And then the biggest catalyst to my life journey or my life purpose with my father.


My father passed away. And after he passed away, I became the healer. His death made me into the healer, into this person that can therapeutically speak to people and help people go through their journey and understand where they're going through. So I had very insightful incidences that happened to me to propel me towards my life purpose. And I started to recognize it. I wasn't recognizing it when I was younger. I recognized it right when I was around in my thirty s. I didn't have anybody to tell me what my purpose was. I was going to people like astrologers, fortune tellers, tarot, card readers, but nobody was really giving me that. I was always feeling empty. I was never getting that right answer. So when you're on that journey for your life purpose, I think what has to happen is it's also really introspective, right? That when we're going through this life journey that we look at all the areas of our life when we were teens or when we're growing up, to when we're in our twenty s. To when we're in our thirty s. That life journey. You'll have sparks of what that life journey is.


If I use Alex as an example, alex life journey is not only to become an entrepreneur, or to become a guru, or to become this yoga diva. Alex's life journey is actually there's a lot more to Alex's life journey. There's love that has to spread in Alex's life's journey or life's purpose. She needs to focus on love and find love within, and then it will come out from without. So that's part of her purpose. Her purpose in this life was to find love, true love. And that doesn't necessarily mean in another person, but that actually means in herself and fulfilling that. And knowing Alex for so many years, I can see how that love has grown within her and how she's fulfilled herself. So that was part of her life journey or life purpose. Does this make sense, Alex? I mean, you can put in your two cent about this too, because I do feel that your life purpose is not just one thing. And sometimes we say that this is just our life purpose, but actually our life purpose is multiple things, not just one thing.


Yeah, and I think that's a big thing about when people feel like, oh, the job that I'm doing is not fulfilling my purpose or whatever. I'm not that inspired by the work I'm doing. I read something somewhere about they're talking about how someone in their 40s realized that they always want to be a figure skater, but just for fun, and then started taking figure skating lessons and doing that on the side from their work. And I think that's really important because in Pantanjali's Yoga Sutras, he speaks about the four aims of life, and one of these is dharma, which is your purpose, but one of them is also ARTA, which is the material means to fulfill your purpose and to find your purpose. And so the example being like, when I wanted to have a career in yoga, but financially it wouldn't be possible. So I kept doing my teaching career, and I just found purpose elsewhere until I made it a possibility. And so I think your purpose can be your Hobies, your activities, your passions, your journey, your family. It can be so many things beyond just like work per se.


So I'm going to make it even simpler for everybody. Your life purpose is a feeling. Your life purpose is a being. It's how you be and how you feel that is your life purpose. Your life purpose isn't necessarily something that you have to do. It is something of a feeling, and it's something of a being. You be your life purpose. It's not that you will kind of take a journey towards your life purpose. Your life purpose is always going to be about a feeling and things that make your feeling feel better. So if it's writing a book, if it's helping kids, if it's cooking, whatever it is that gets you to a feeling that is from a soul level, making you content, then that's your life purpose. Your life purpose isn't necessarily a destination. Your life purpose isn't necessarily a journey that you're taking. There's a life journey, which I keep on talking about, my life's journey. And then there's the life purpose. I know my purpose in my life is to recognize me and to understand me. And my life purpose is to always make sure that I feel at peace. And when I don't feel at peace, then I'm not in my life purpose.


Does that make sense? Now, a lot of people would say, but I want to do something that seems fulfilling. Something that seems fulfilling is just something that feels fulfilling. It may feel like it's a purpose, but it just feels fulfilling. Your life purpose, again, is singular. It's with you. It's within you. Your purpose is about what your life as a soul. When you come down to say, hey, my purpose in this life is to feel a certain way, and that's the purpose of your life. Your purpose of your life or what you do outside of that, that I become the next Mother Teresa or Oprah Winfrey or I become the candy shop owner or I become the best baker I can become. That's something that is part of your life journey, and that's one of the hats you will hold along with being a lover, a teacher, if you're lucky, a mother. But mothering doesn't only mean bearing kids, but mothering also means the empathetic, compassionate, nurturing side of a person. So that could be with another human being, that could be with a pet, that could be with an animal, that could be with anything.


So I also feel that when we're on this life path and we're looking for a purpose, sometimes we lose out on the feeling. And if we can get to that feeling, then we are probably at that purpose that we're supposed to be at. Does that make sense? Or is it confusing for everybody, for the beautiful women that are here right now?


No, it makes sense.


Yeah. All right. The interesting thing about a life purpose also is that we keep on hearing this as a statement throughout our life, be it through books, be it through teachers, be it through family members, or be it through ourselves that we keep on saying, my life's purpose, my life's purpose, my life's purpose. And we're chasing. We're just going all around in a circle. We keep on going around, around life purpose. Life purpose. Life purpose. Life purpose. So we're actually affirming that we're only looking or seeking or chasing, and we have to kind of say, hey, hold on. I actually need to do a little bit more deep diving within myself to actually feel my purpose, because everything that we do, be it whatever you do, I mean, you could just be happy blowing balloons, and that could be your life purpose, because it makes you feel happy again. Whatever it is, don't belittle it. Use it. As long as it's not harmful for yourself or harmful for anybody else, decide on whatever else makes you happy. It could be music, could be anything, or it could just be something that brings you peace. Now, when we're looking for in our life journey.


So I'm going to change it from life purpose to journey. So throughout our life journey, we will wear many hats, we will find many ways, but it's usually the incidences in your life that push you towards that life journey. And every incident that comes into your life is something to move you forward, actually in the right direction. You may say that if somebody passes or if somebody's sick or all these other things that really make us fearful right now, how's that part of the right direction? Well, I've spoken about this with Alex a few times too, about that the fear about things. If we take away the fear, we only are fearful because we've been taught to be fearful. We've been taught that death is fearful or we've been taught that if you don't get what you want, it's very sad. It's not something that's intrinsically in you. If we were a child and we were nurtured and brought up in a way that none of these things will become difficulties for us because we'll look at them differently, our perspective would have been differently that we looked at and said, oh, wow, it's a different journey.


I spoke about this a few months ago when me and Alex were talking about grief. We did a podcast about grief and young mother, and the young mother lost her husband to COVID and the daughter is about three and she didn't know how to tell her daughter. And then she went to her daughter and spoke to her daughter, and her daughter said to her that, oh, mom, so dad has gone to heaven, so he's going to be taken care of. Nobody's taught this girl anything. This girl doesn't know about heaven. She must have heard it from somewhere. But she had this already, this narrative of where her father was going without anybody telling her. And I thought that was beautiful because I know how the mother has brought up this child, that this child is so organic and she blossomed it to her own self. So she had her own sense of wisdom at this young age, but for a three year old to speak this way, it's beautiful. And that incident has only made her stronger, as I think she's five now or six now, and now she's all about bandaging and taking care of these pets that she sees on the streets, feeding them and doing things for them and nurturing them and mothering them and saying, these are my kids, these are my children.


That's how she speaks about these animals. And some of the animals have if they're really sick or they pass or anything, she deals with it so beautifully. But does that mean her life purpose is to become a veterinarian? Not necessarily, but it does mean that her life purpose is to be a nurturer and to nurture not only herself, because she nurtured herself to understand what was going on does this make sense or did I lose everybody? Okay, yeah. So Alex, did you want to ask something specific about life purpose?


I wanted to ask what signs can you sense from your intuition to know what path to take?


So there's two things here, right? Because a lot of us have to identify that it's our intuition and not our conscious mind or our ego or our logic that's making us do these things. So our intuition will always give you a sensory type of yes, if that makes sense. Your intuition is not a thought, it's a feeling. Again, intuition can show up as think it's called goose flesh. When your hair sticks up, sometimes that happens or you also get a warmness within your chest, that's also your intuition. Sometimes when you feel butterflies, that's also your intuition. So you have to kind of recognize what your intuition for you means. Everybody's intuition works differently, which is something that most people don't speak about, that everybody's intuition does not work the same way. So my intuition works in such a way that I actually get a flash of what's happening. So if I'm sitting with a client and I have to think about their future or something, I get flashes and the flashes are in like milliseconds that happen to me, but that's my intuition speaking. Does that make sense? So somebody else could have sweaty palms when their intuition is speaking to them.


So you would think sweaty palms would mean I'm nervous means that I'm thing. But it could be your intuition speaking to you. So you have to recognize with yourself what is your intuitive insight and how you are getting it sensory wise. So even if you're feeling it like cramps, sometimes you may not be on your monthly cycle, but you feel a cramp also. That could be your intuition. Your intuition will always tell you a yes. Your intuition is also connected to your soul. Your soul and your heart. And your intuition will never tell you a no. But they'll always give you a new perspective. They'll give you a new perspective. It will also tell you a yes. But it's only your logical mind and your conscious mind that will always tell you a no. And that is something that keeps on happening to a lot of us is that this will also tell us that no, you won't be, you shouldn't, don't. But the intuition and your soul and your heart will always give you an option. Or we say yes and we'll always have that kind of sensory reaction. Alex, do you feel like your intuition shows up in which tell us how your intuition shows up, because I guess your intuition also shows up very differently than it would with me, because my intuition shows up as and if you guys want to know what I'm talking about, a flash.


If you ever watch that show called Wednesday Adam's Family Show, which there's a new show with Wednesday, the daughter, but anyway, she goes through like she gets a flash of a premonition. It kind of is like that for me where I keep on getting flashes. So that's my intuition speaking to me. And I only use my intuition when I'm with a client. I do not use my intuition in my everyday life, by the way. In my everyday life, I just allow things to happen and then I take myself through whatever it's going through. I don't use my intuition in my everyday life. I only use my intuition when I'm practicing with a client or doing healings. I do not use intuition in my everyday. I do not also foresee or look into the future for myself either. If I get a premonition, that's different, but otherwise I don't allow myself. I actually make it a conscious effort of just saying, hey, let me be in the now and figure it out because that's what works best for me. And it's taken me a good two decades to understand that, but I got it and I recognize it.


But your intuition will always show up as something that's yeah. Alex, do you understand what your intuition is?


Yeah, I get my intuition usually sensations like feelings in the body, like just like gut feelings. And I think I'm pretty strong in following my intuition before it gets to a point of making me physically ill. But I have had times in the past where it has literally made me physically ill. When I'm not following my intuition. Like I can think of one time in my life where I actually got really sick. Most of the time I will listen to it before it gets so strong, but for me it's like gut feelings. My whole body feels unwell, which I think is like when I'm not following my intuition. And so I think it's like a real manifestation of or not a manifestation, but a different way to understand the mental health issues that I experienced when I was younger. It was really my intuition telling me this isn't working for you, this food is not working for you, this lifestyle is not working for you, this job is not working for you, this environment is not working for you. And it was like all these things, it was like sending me messages in other ways and so that's how I come to understand it.


So I like to tell you guys to get to your intuition also that when you're in a moment of silence, your intuition will speak to you even more. So your mind, body, soul is in silence. And in that stillness is when the intuition will speak even louder to you and you'll feel these things. It's all about feelings today, but you will feel your intuition. It's not going to be a voice, it's not going to be a yes or no. It's going to be a feeling again. And you will also, which is a great segue is that if you do have a pet, sometimes your pet is your intuition and your pet will come to you. Especially when you have a special or you have some sort of question that you're dealing with that if the pet shows up at that time, that also is a sign. Or your intuitive side saying, hey, you're not recognizing the intuition. I'm bringing someone to you to have you recognize. It the other way that we've all been seeing this and I think every one of us have seen this, where we see triple numbers or quadruple numbers or we see five numbers or we see double numbers.


This is also part of that intuition because we're not recognizing that our intuition is speaking to us. So now we're getting the visual stimulation of our intuition speaking to us. Does that make sense? Yeah. So your intuition will come in so many ways in so many formats. So it's not only something that you're going to get from within. It's also when we are in that chaotic sense where our minds are going on, our body's functioning at the same time and everything's happening at the same time that we can't get to that place of stillness. Something else will show us intuitively our way forward. And now I'm going to tell you guys something which most people probably are googling and I think this is great insight right now is when you see a seven seven seven a one, one, a two two, a three three. It's an answer to the thing you were just thinking about. It's an answer to what you're thinking about. And suppose you're in a conversation with whoever, a friend or whatever, and you look at your watch and it's one one two, and you missed the one or you didn't get the triple one or you didn't get the quadruple numbers.


It means that whatever you were thinking or talking about needs a new perspective to get to the right perspective. So now when you see the numbers, this is what it means. The other thing is when you see the numbers intuitively, this also tells you that a lot of change is happening. So if you saw triple one while you're discussing something about work related, it means some great change is coming from work. Or if you're talking about love, same thing. Each number represents intuitive power. So it could be love, it could be abundance, could be success, could be balance, could be I mean, if I take you guys through the numbers, there's only nine numbers. No, there's ten numbers. The zero also. Right. So if you're seeing one one, it usually means success. If you're seeing two two, it means double abundance. If you mean three three, it's spiritually aligned. If you see four four four, it means that things are coming into balance. Meaning your professional and personal side is coming into balance. Your divine masculine, divine feminine is coming into balance. If you see five five five, that has a very wealth connotation to it, that a lot of wealth is coming in.


If you see 6666, that has a lot to do with enhancing your spiritual practice. If you see seven seven seven, that means that your intuition is speaking to you and it's saying yes. Or it also means that your emotional side is coming into a better place. So you may feel emotionally overwhelmed, but then you see seven seven seven, it means that your emotions are going to change right now pretty quick and you're going to feel better. Eight eight means also it also means infinity. But it also means that the balance that you're seeking, not only within, is also going without to the people that are around you. So there's a beautiful thing that the balance that you have within is also going out towards the people that are around you, that are very important to you. 9999 is actually a destiny number. Nine nine also means that what you're doing or what you're talking about is part of your life's journey, purpose, destiny. And if you see exactly what does zero mean? It means we're going to start something new. It's starting from the beginning. Does this make sense? Yeah, helpful. That now when you see it so now when you see that, suppose you're seeing again, you're seeing one 10 again.


It says change your perspective. Now if you see it's less than what if it was one one and you see one 10, that means that that perspective that you have is a perspective that you used to have. And if it's a one number above, then that means it's a perspective that you need to change that is not there already. Cool. I hope this is insightful. I mean, we're in the phase of newness also, right? So there's a lot of newness coming. So this is also working on your intuition when you see these numbers. So because we were also going to talk about intuition, I thought this is a very good way of looking at things differently. Because what most people will do is they look at the number, they go on Google and Google it and there'll be like ten different things that they'll tell you on Google about what it means. And some things are kind of similar to other things. But I think if you can do it as simply as I put it, the simpler you make it, the easier it is and the easier it is for you as a human, as a person, as a soul, to go through it and make it work even better.


Do you have a question about intuition, Alex?


Well, I was thinking we have about ten minutes left or twelve minutes left, and so I was wondering if anyone else here has any questions they want to ask.


Yeah, actually I do. The numbers was really interesting, Dan, because I focus on numbers one. One I always thought was someone from the past, like my grandmother. And I don't know where. I know years ago someone had mentioned that to me. So do you have any insight of that part?


Your grandmother will show up to you as a smell. Your grandmother shows up as a smell to you, actually. So I don't know if you're understanding this, but there's a certain scent that your grandmother has that sometimes you smell it. That's because she's saying she's around one one. So the numbers all have to do with what you're going through at that moment. They don't have anything to do with anyone else, is what I'm going to say to you. Yeah, and then you understood the thing about pets, too, as pets are also part of our intuition because they also have that 7th sense or 8th sense or 9th sense and they're always going to say something to you which is relevant within that. Even if you notice when you are upset that that pet will automatically come to you and they will nurture you and comfort you to actually tell you that, listen, you have love. Love is here.


Yeah, absolutely. I agree with you. I've experienced with not all of them, but a couple of my dogs before I even get to the point of if I'm upset, of even my bot inside, I could feel it before it shows on the outside. And there's a couple of my dogs that have picked that up and they're very intuitive to me. Those are my heart dogs.


I also feel that we will always go through life and we'll meet many people on our journey and they'll all have their interpretation of things. Just like I'm giving you my interpretation. My interpretation is one interpretation, but if it resonates with you, then it also helps you kind of dissect things because I think this is the easiest way for you to understand how to make everything from your intuitive self and from a life purpose to happen for you the way that you need it to happen. And most people go through life and at 40 or 50 or even at 60 say, hey, I never knew what my life purpose is. But actually you've always had that with you because or life journey or what you're supposed to do next, that's always there. There's some sort of underlining thing that is what your essence of life is. So I've grown up wanting to change the way people think. And now I do it through readings and healings, and it's so fulfilling and that I know every time that I do a session that my ancestors or my family or my gods or my soul are all around me and are very happy.


And I feel the validation from them. I don't necessarily have to get it from my person I'm working with at that moment. I feel it from them. I feel that energy and I feel a sense of warmth, actually. You know how they say you get that warm fuzzy feeling? I get that warm fuzzy feeling at least eight times in a day. And it's great saying that. I also have my, let's say, irritable bowel syndrome where I also get off on things or things bother me, or like the electricity goes off or I blow a fuse or I break a glass and stuff like that. So I don't look at the silver lining to everything. I just be in the moment and say, okay, well, this is part of this moment right now. I was supposed to break the glass. I was supposed to cut my finger. Must be something that I'm not paying attention to, which is basically I wasn't paying attention. So I won't even analyze it to another realm and say, like, oh, I cut my finger, so this actually means this, and the blood that dropped down means this. I don't even go into that because it's like, why am I creating a narrative unless I'm making a story and I'm making a script?


Then I would, but otherwise I got to keep it simple. The simpler you keep it, the easier it is when it comes to your life purpose, your intuition, your life, your soul, your feelings, the simpler it is, the better it is. And you will feel that extra energy. Even right now. There must be more questions, but I'm just going to put this in really quickly. The next few months, you're going to feel so many new things that will erupt emotionally, mentally, and in that physical world too, that will come to you in such a brilliantly, beautiful way that you're going to feel at awe. And when that awe happens, you're going to be like, okay, I knew what he was talking about. All right, any other questions?


Yeah, I have a question, if that's okay. Yeah, sorry, I can't do my video because I'm outside, but I always thought that intuition was an internal function of your internal, and what you're suggesting with the numbers is that there might be some external stimulus as well. Yeah. And so my question is, where do you see, number one, dreams, which I think are internal and subconscious in relation to intuition? And then where do you see something very external, which is Tarot readings, for example, which I take quite seriously. So those are kind of two extremes, right? One is internal, one is external, one is subconscious, and one is this is what the external is telling you. How do you see those in relation to intuition?


Yeah, so both aspects are messages. Your dreams are usually a feeling that you get within the dream. The actual information that happens in the dream might not be relevant, but the actual feeling in the dream is what's important. When it comes to Tarot, you're picking up energy, and the cards are sensing the energy that's around right now, and they're giving you the spread or the deck. And that gives you I don't think the tarot card itself is from it picks up energy. It could also pick up from your intuition. Also, if you're doing it for yourself, if you're doing tarot for yourself and your deck is specifically only for yourself, then yes, that will pick up from your intuition also certain messages that you're not getting. The problem is, what happens with us is because we are human, we have many things that happen. We have a phone that's beeping, we have dinner, we have to make. We have a whole bunch of things that are in us that keep on clogging up this intuitive side of us. That's why I said if when you're still, you could get better messages. So now when the dreams happen, the dreams are messages that you get.


They're not necessarily connected to your intuitive side, but that's called your dream life. And your dream life can also be your parallel life if you believe in that. That's another version of yourself that is playing out emotional attributes that you're dealing with right now too. Be it good, happy, sad, whatever, and it shows up in your dream. Some people get premonition, or what they think is a dream is actually a premonition where they actually foresee something that's going to happen within their own life, which could be a birthday, an accident, it could be anything. But that's a premonition, which is very different from a dream. I think within dreams it's more about your feelings and what you're feeling right now. Like, I was having a dream about I think the dream yesterday was about something about cookies, was about cookies. And I was at a bakery, and the cookie was getting made, and then I kind of went through the glass to grab the cookie, and then the person hit my hand, and when I looked up, it was my grandmother. And then I was like, oh, I didn't know you had a bakery. And then the person's like, no, this is my bakery always, but it's me.


And she's like, but who are you, your customer? She didn't call them cookies, she called them biscuits. You can't pick up my biscuits whenever you want. And then I was like, okay, but what are these biscuits? So then again, it was more of an emotional thing for me because what happened prior to that day was I actually was trying to replicate one of my grandmother's recipes, and I didn't know what it was when she came up in my dream. And she said that means basically I shouldn't be copying her recipe and make my own was that was the interpretation of it. It was more of a feeling of it. But Mia, as your question that when it comes to dreams, I think your dreams are basically dictating what you're feeling at that moment when you have a premonition that is connected to your intuition, and it's the foresight of the future. And when you are doing your Tarot for yourself with your cards, which is your deck? Again, I'm going to emphasize that because I feel when people are doing Tarot, they should have a separate one. If they're doing it for others and for themselves, they should have their own deck and it should be a different type of deck.


So if you've got the Rider deck, great. So maybe you can get another version of the Rider deck or you can get the Tarot Angel deck or whatever it is. But when you're doing it for yourself, yes, it's very much connected to your intuition and the energy that you're putting out there. The only thing is you really have to be also in a blank space because your logical mind and ego are quite powerful for most people. And sometimes we project and we take out a card. So you have to be very careful about that. Does that make sense, Mia, or was it confusing?


Well, this is the thing. How do you control the rational thing where you let the intuition come through?


That's what I'm silence, Mia. You've got to come to a place of silence where your mind and your heart and your body is not going through anything and you're at a blank state. When you're at that blank state, it's the best time for you where you're not emotionally hurt, where you're not mentally stressed. What happens with a lot of people is when they're upset or they're mentally going through something, then they take out that deck and then they read it. No, come to a place where you are at stillness and you've done something. Either you've done some breath work or some meditation, or you've done something to get yourself in your balance, then ask the question. Then when you ask the questions, it's going to be exactly what you wanted to hear, and it is going to be when I say exactly what you wanted to hear for what you need to get done and how you need to get done. Does that make more sense?


Sort of. I mean, I don't do my own Tarot. My daughter does it for me. And it's really interesting because she knows me so well. So sometimes I think that she's speaking to my life as she would.




So I don't know how objective she.


Is, but, yeah, there is usually a message there. But what I will say again is there's a rule within Tarot and within anything psychic that you never do it for your family member or anybody that you love because it's hard for you to take out the emotional aspect or any other preconceived notion out of you when it comes to a loved one. It's hard for you to be blank for that loved one because you have so many layers connected. So especially if you're saying it's your daughter, you've got your umbilical cord that's connected to her. There's a lot of light going back and forth. There's lots of things transitioning. So if you get that tarot from and yes, a lot of the things she says does make practical sense and does work out. But ideally, what I would say for you, Mia, is actually get a deck for yourself. And I would tell you to do it the way I've just said that. Go through something meditative before you read it for yourself. And then when you ask your questions, see what you get. What you could do also is while you're in this process, maybe you don't know how to read the cards is study the cards if you want or you could just ask your daughter to look at the cards and tell you what the card means.


Okay, thank you.


That was really interesting.


Yeah, makes sense because what happens when we do it for a loved one. So I never have done a session for my family member and I broke my rule and I did it recently for my sister. And the reason why I did it for my sister was my sister went through three miscarriages back to back. She was at the most bottom of her barrel and she's like, you do this for everybody else. Can you just do it for me? I need you. And I was like, okay, you know what, I have to put aside everything and go into this without looking at her as my sister and look at her as a stranger and not put up anything. And if I see anything which is off for me, I still tell her. I told her whatever I had to tell her and I told her exactly I did not censor I spoke the truth and I said it the way it was, as brutally honest as it was for her to hear what I had to say. But what I know is that she had a whole sense of relief after I spoke to her and I don't think I'm ever going to do it again for her.


That was the one time she got one pass out of her life with me and that's it. I'm giving her that one pass and that's it. No one else gets it. I also don't do it if I'm dating somebody, I will not do it for them. Also, it's part of my part of the rules, but I think everybody has their own rules and you've got to go from what you feel. But again, Mia, I would recommend that you get a deck that you really feel. Go to a place that has a whole bunch of decks and touch them. Feel which deck really works for you and take that and anybody out there if you feel like you also want to get a little help from your intuition. Cards always work. Your intuition will speak through the cards, too. If you go to that place of blank when you ask your questions, so you aren't emotionally, mentally, physically in any way, and you're just in stillness. And then when you ask the questions, you'll get the right answer for yourself. Try it, and then maybe we can congregate again after a month and see what's happened if anybody did get a deck.


And how did it go? And Alex, do you have a deck for yourself?


I do. I actually have quite a few decks in my house because my friend whose house I'm subletting from is who, you know, actually, Dan Jen. One of her businesses is that she makes decks, and so there's like a whole bunch on the shelf. But I have my two personal favorites. One was gifted to me by a coach, and then one was one that I bought.


Okay, well, maybe you need to make a deck so everybody can get a deck from you.


It's a great idea. I think we've talked about this before. We have projects, though.


All right, I hope this was helpful for everybody today. And, again, it was great seeing you guys. And if there's any other questions, let me know. And if it comes in afterwards, DM message Alex and we'll get to it, either on our Insta live or on our next talk.


Yeah, perfect.


All right.


All right. Thank you so much, Dan, and thank.


You, everyone, for coming. All right, God bless you guys. Be kind to yourself. Be kind to others. Lots of love.


Thank you.


You're welcome.






Have a great day.


Bye. Thank you.




Thank you.


Thank you.


Bye. Thank you.


Hi, friends.


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